The Yezidis are a religious minority of Kurdish ethnicity, the majority of whom today live in Iraq in the autonomous region of Kurdistan and in the north-west of the country. There are also smaller communities in other states in the Middle East, Europe and North America. We can consider Yezidism as a monotheistic religion that venerates a creator God together with the Peacock Angel. Unfortunately, the Yezidi community has been the protagonist of the news linked to the genocide practiced by ISIS extremists. For ISIS they are considered “devil worshipers” and cannot be converted to Islam. With each passing year, elements of knowledge of a thousand-year-old culture are lost which today is subject to a phenomenon of alignment and emulation, especially by younger people, towards the myth of the West. In this sense, the desire to emulate its look is evident. The portraits were taken during a very important religious occasion for the Yezidis in which it would be customary to wear traditional clothes. The West manages to pervade traditions and rites stratified for centuries, helpless in the face of the persuasive power of the image that comes from our culture. The Peacock Portrait